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Nuked Eggs

~*~ Nuked Eggs ~*~
I found this idea through "Hungry Girl". You can add so many things to this to change it up, so it's never boring! Rick likes his with one yoke, & diced ham. I like mine without any yoke. I love to add salsa to mine once in a while.
Normally when I have my "Nuked Eggs" for breakfast I will have a slice of toast, & a cup of tea. <3

3 Egg whites
1 Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge (Any flavor you would like)

(as you want) pepper
1 1/2 spoon full of fresh salsa
1 1/2 spoon full of diced meat

Spray a microwavable bowl/mug with Pam (it does make it a little easier to clean). Mix 3 egg whites with the cheese wedge well in the bowl/mug. Then mix in salsa/diced meat cover with paper towel (sometimes the eggs do pop, & if you don't cover they can make a mess), & put in the microwave...

Times (some may need to cook a little longer on the 2nd time.):
Eggs, & cheese = 1 min on high, mix, 30 mins
Eggs, cheese, & Salsa = 1 min on high, mix, 40 mins
Eggs, cheese, & meat = 1 min on high, mix, 35 mins

(Oct, 26, 2010; 3 egg whites, "Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil" Laughing Cow wedge, & salsa.)

Hard Boiled Eggs

~*~ Hard Boiled Eggs ~*~
Boiled eggs are very easy to make. As far as I know few things can go wrong. You really should keep an eye on it while boiling, or at least don't go too far. You don't want it to boil over! ;)

Note: (The eggs should be at least a week old, The shell comes off easier that way.)

Fill a pan with cold water, & put the eggs in the pan. Make sure all the eggs are covered with water. Turn on high, & bring to a violent boil. Turn the heat down to a simmer, & set the timer for 10 mins. When the 10 are up, take the eggs out of the hot water (don't burn yourself! :P). You can run them under cold water, or just put them in the fridge to cool. Once they are cooled you can remove the shells. Then eat, or make something spiffy with your freshly hard boiled egg(s).

(Oct 26, 2010; Hard Boiled Eggs. Some with & without their shells)

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